Day 44 Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell

Have spend a splendid day with our friends in Benitachell. After a leisurely breakfast, we set off to explore the local town of Moraira. Friday is market day, so first stop was a wander round the market, before heading down to the beach and marina. Howard amused himself by playing on the ‘adult gym’ by the beach – he did look pretty ridiculous doing the front crawl on a metal bar with paddles at the end, but who am I to comment?!
Next we wandered around the marina, before stopping for coffee at a very pleasant bar. By now, the sun was burning down, and seeing as he had left his favourite cork hat at home, he resorted to sitting drinking his beer with a fleece on his head – I suspect by now the locals were beginning to wonder!
We stopped off on the way back at an Internet systems shop, and purchased another MiFi, which can be used in other countries (hopefully), since the dongle we ordered is still somewhere in the Spanish postal system, heading for a hotel in Cordoba which we vacated three days ago!
Next we headed off to the local cove for a walk along the beautiful cliff path. This part of the coast is completely unspoilt, with no development at all, and the coastal scenery was just gorgeous. We stuck our heads in a sea cave, and then climbed up the cliffs to lookout along the coast, and admire the strange rock formations and turquoise blue sea. Three of us, by now, were ready for a drink back at base, but not so Howard. He decided he would add to his daily step count by walking back uphill from the beach. So we left him walking, and the rest of us headed home via the supermarket to purchase some refreshments – Hendricks and Fever Tree to be exact. Driving back, we thought it was strange that we hadn’t passed Howard. Needless to say half an hour later, we receive a phone call to say he is lost! Typical!
Guided home by Liz, he has now appeared, and we are about to enjoy our pre-dinner drinks on their gorgeous patio, looking out over the mountains in the distance, as the sun sinks low. Not a bad way to spend a Friday. I do suspect, however, that Liz and Alan will heave a sigh of relief once this jigging madman says ‘Au Revoir’ in the morning!

2 thoughts on “Day 44 Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell

  1. Our friend Stu used to live in Moraira- he is the large chap at Andrews christening – with his partner Kate. Do you friends know our friends?


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