Day 159 Lillesand to Stavanger, Norway.

5B3XxxZFRDm27GLPepw7OQ As forecast, it was a very wet start to the day. We were late rising, having heard the pitter patter of rain outside, and our morning dash to the wash block was exacerbated by having to remember the key number, before we could enter. That said, it was an amazingly clean and upmarket bathroom, easily equivalent to hotel quality. As is often the case, they had music playing. Last night, whilst trying to negotiate the very complex shower system, we had David Cassidy’s ‘Day Dreamer’ playing – I haven’t heard that one for years! Needless to say, we weren’t quick enough in snatching our card out of the shower control unit in time, and when we went to settle up this morning, it turned out we had used two showers worth each time either of us had showered. They turned out to be very expensive showers!

There was another VW California type camper on our site last night, but a conversion. We slyly eyed up their set-up inside, as they did ours. Being Swiss, they were incredibly organised – everything appeared to be packed into plastic boxes, and there was nothing lying round the van at all – rather sterile. Ours, on the other hand, is turning into something out of ‘Homes and Gardens’. Howard says there is no more room for any more soft furnishings, although he does agree that the cushions and rugs do add a homely touch. We have taken to flying the Saltire at the window, along with the flag of the country we are visiting. Generally, people warm to us once they realise that we come from Scotland, and the courtesy of flying our hosts flag I’m sure adds to Anglo-European relations! We very nearly asked the other VW campers if we could have a look in their van, but then had second thoughts, thinking that we couldn’t possibly show them the mess inside ours.

After breakfast, we headed back into Lillesand for a cup of coffee, and a final look around. It really is the most pleasant little town, and we really warmed to it.

It was only over coffee that we decided on our destination for today – Stavanger. We opted to share the driving, and seeing as the forecast was rain for most of the day, we determined we could reach here by early evening. We only stopped the once, at a seaside town of Mandal, really because we needed a wee. It looked pleasant enough, but it was still raining hard, so we didn’t linger.

For most of the route, the road meandered along just inside the coastline, frequently crossing inlets and small fjords over viaducts, and then the road plunging into mountain tunnels. I can’t remember how many tunnels we drove through, but I have definitely developed ‘tunnellitis’. Howard determines that it is 1,500 miles to the top of Norway, so I suspect we have plenty more to come.

It stopped raining just as we drove into Stavanger. We have washing facilities where we are staying, so we have put the washing on, Howard is cooking tea and listening to the football on the radio, whilst I do the blog. The photos have just come down from yesterday, so I will add those of Lillesand to yesterday’s blog. I have barely taken a photo today because of the rain, so I will leave you with a rather amusing board we spied in Gothenburg the other day – well, we laughed anyway!

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