Day 149 At sea – North Atlantic Ocean.

Today, we face a whole day at sea – yawn. Just after breakfast, we passed the Shetlands. This time, disappointingly, our phones didn’t ping in with ‘Welcome to the UK’, and neither was the sun shining, as on our outward trip. Howard did take a wander up on deck, whilst I was typing the blog, and reported that the ‘Oom-Pa’ band were still playing though, in the bar on the deck. I suspect by the end of the day, therefore, that most of the passengers will be rather inebriated, as this is their only source of entertainment!

OK – a brief update on the ferry status. I have just done a couple of laps of the boat, whilst waiting for photos to download. Three hours on, the accordian players are still up on deck, in the covered bar, playing their hearts out! There are twelve people sitting in the lounge with us, five in the duty free shop, four sitting in the corridor seats, four up on deck – one doing yoga, one drinking a large bottle of beer, and an elderly couple reading. Everyone else appears to be in the covered bar on deck, drinking profusely, and singing heartily in Danish. The band have now handed out booklets with the words to their songs. It’s utterly hilarious! It’s half past one in the afternoon, and they are showing no sign of stopping this never-ending performance. I spoke to one of the band members between songs. They are a famous accordion group in the Faroes. They are travelling to Denmark, staying briefly, then returning to the Faroes. They certainly have a captive audience here, and they are going for it. I have never, in my life, seen such a happy group of ferry passengers! By the end of today, I may know the words to some of their songs! Howard may be insane!

Final update! Just returned to our room to find two sweet little old ladies in the room opposite us, dancing down the corridor back to their room, rather tottery, humming one of the accordionists songs. Back up in the ‘sky Bar’ on deck – the musicians are still playing, although only two of them now (this is 6pm, seven hours after they started)! In their music cases sit empty bottles of vodka – every picture tells a story. There is an over-riding stench of stale beer and bacon on deck, but you’ll be pleased to hear that the passengers are still singing!! You couldn’t make it up!

P.S. Still no photos – the ship’s WiFi seems to have gone the same way as most of the passengers. So, if you can’t beat them, join them – we’re off to ‘Happy Hour’.

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