Day 118 Dronningmolle Strand, North Zealand to Faaborg, Funan.

Today we left North Zealand and re-traced our steps back across the Great Belt’s Bridge to Funan – and not a moment too soon. There is a bank holiday coming up in Denmark, and our lovely campsite owner was telling us that by tomorrow night, her campsite will be completely full of families, making the most of the long weekend. To put this in perspective, there have maybe been about six pitches occupied for there past two days, but by tomorrow night, all 195 pitches will be filled, plus overflow in the ‘quick stop’ field. In preparation for this huge influx of people, including many children, the campsite have organised a camel for the next five days. Yes – you heard it right – a camel! The mind boggles, but presumably they are laying on camel rides. Definitely not my cup of tea. In addition, there will be face painting, stone decorating and a huge variety of games organised to keep the children occupied. I’m sure if you’re a family with young children, this will be great. For us – we’re just heaving a huge sigh of relief that we escaped the camel fest in time.

We had a rather delayed start to our departure. Someone (but it wasn’t me!), couldn’t find their prescription sunglasses. We searched high and low, including the laundry room and the washrooms. We then re-traced our steps from yesterday evening – first searching along the beach where we had stopped to take photographs – but to no avail. Then we had a brainwave. We had stopped to pick up a pizza in the neighbouring village for our tea. We drove back the couple of miles, and hey presto – there they were! I’m thinking of buying him one of those little straps that ties your glasses on round your neck, similar to the one I had to wear at primary school to stop me from losing my mittens. I’m on the look out in the shops!

At last we headed south west, driving initially through beautiful wooded countryside. The new spring leaves on the trees were a vibrant bright green, contrasting vividly with the blue sky. Then it was back across the long toll bridge, and back into Funan. We had planned to stop briefly at Nyborg Distillery, mainly for a coffee and pee stop, but tragically they are closed on a Tuesday. But at least that saved £35 on another bottle of Small Batch Gin.

Once across the bridge, we then headed to the southern tip of Funan, to a lovely little town called Faaborg, where we are staying for the night. First we had a wander round the harbour and the town. There is a large marina, full of very swanky yachts and a few massive motor boats with German flags flying. The town itself is charming – lots of old timber framed buildings and an attractive square with cafes, planted out with colourful spring tubs. We couldn’t resist an ice-cream in the heat. The chap behind the counter didn’t understand our instructions – and somehow I ended up with a white chocolate and liquorice cone. Howard fared much better with hazelnut and mint. Mine, although initially slightly repelled at the combination, actually didn’t taste bad. Not good, you understand – but definitely edible!

Finally, we headed for our campsite for the night, a few miles outside the town. The pitches are grassy and huge, and adjacent to the site are some lovely woodland walks and cycle paths – very pleasant. We treated ourselves to smoked salmon for tea, and then had a quick wander through the woods.

Tomorrow we head back into Jutland, and start to make our way towards the north, where we catch our ferry to Iceland. So far, I am really liking Denmark. The countryside is green and verdant, the coastlines are stunning, the people exceedingly friendly, and everywhere is clean and tidy. We read that Denmark is one of the most egalitarian countries in the world ie they have the smallest difference between rich and poor. The rich pay higher taxes to support those less well off. All the evidence shows that countries with less income inequality tend to be happier societies, and certainly this appears to be in evidence in Denmark. People appear to value their environment, the entire nation seems to be cycling and keeping fit, and everyone we have met has been jolly. They get my vote!

I fear though I will go to bed tonight dreaming of camels!

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