Day 61 Ionian Coast, near Crotone

Today was a bit of a chill-out day. We had booked this lovely campsite, which sits right on the Ionian Coast, because it had favourable reviews and good facilities, in particular, washing machines and tumble driers – we were on a mission. Today was our decontamination day! I had reached my limits with Howard’s running kit, and a good clean and tidy up were long overdue. So this morning, we set to with military precision. Before 10am we had done four loads of washing, including all the bedding, fleeces, towels and clothes. It was a lovely sunny day, so whilst we waited for the washing to dry, we walked on the beach (right at the edge of our campsite), sat in the sun and drank coffee, pottered around hand-washing jumpers and trainers, and then enjoyed a lovely Al Fresco lunch in the shade of the Eucalyptus trees by Oscar. By early afternoon we were all sparkling clean and positively gleaming! There is something very satisfying about having a good clean up, and we congratulated ourselves on our diligence. Then we had the rest of the day to ourselves.
We considered going out in the van and exploring the local National Park, but instead, since we had been driving most of the previous day, we opted to go out cycling. So we set off, and cycled along to the local village and harbour. Approaching the village, we found a cycle path along by the sea, and so all in all, it was perfect. We even found a cafe open with rather nice cakes – so immediately negated any benefits from the cycling by scoffing a couple.
Back at the campsite, we chatted to a couple from Kent, who have been out here since mid-December. In fact, they have been travelling around Europe, on and off, for the past six years. We were rather tickled by the number plates on their van and car – F33T UP and N357 EGG (Feet up and Nest Egg)!! It turns out they had sold up back in the UK, but returned every Autumn to see family and friends. The rest of the time, they seem to visit friends they have made from all over Europe whilst travelling. I’m not sure I could do what they do – I think after a while being a continual itinerant would get me down. But for now, it’s still a novelty. Let’s see how we feel by the end of the year!
Tomorrow move on again, spick and span, further down towards Sicily, but crossing over to the Mediterranean Coast again. Once more, apologies for the selfie!fullsizeoutput_4f31

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