Day 36 Salema, Portugal to Seville, Spain

A fairly quiet day on the blog front, since today we did the longish journey from the Western Algarve, back into Spain, veering away from the coast and across to Seville. So, after breakfast in the sun (the first outing for our table and chairs), we left our lovely spot amongst the trees on a terrace looking towards the coast, and set off once more. En route, we had our final stop in Portugal, at a lovely town called Silves, just inland from Portimao. Silves sits on the River Arade, with it’s winding streets leading up to a stunning castle and Gothic cathedral. Down by the river, there are pleasant cafes and restaurants, and that is where we chose to sit and have our coffee. We had only been sat outside less than ten minutes, when Howard and I started to huff and puff, as the temperature slowly rose in the searing sun, and we had to move to a table in the shade. We later recorded 22 degrees in the car, and we were baking. Clearly we have been living too long in Scotland. Heaven knows how we will deal with the heat in Italy.
In a move to help with his temperature intolerance, on the way back to the car, Howard stopped at a shop selling hats – cork hats. He tried a couple on, and declared that this was just what he needed. He seemed very pleased with his purchase, although, if truth be known – it is not a great look! In fact, he looks positively ridiculous, a sort of cork bedecked version of John Wayne. The only positive thing is that it is making me smile, a lot. He then went on to say, that by the time we get to Iceland, he will be the only one wearing a cork hat. Yes, Howard, I’m pretty certain you’re spot on there!
The journey was uneventful, mainly on the motorway, with just a short delay because of roadworks. We did laugh as we crossed the border into Spain crossing a bridge over a river. The motorway surface Portugal side was as smooth as a pancake, as was the motorway surface as soon as the Spain sign appeared. The bridge, however, a sort of no-man’s land, was exceedingly bumpy and pot-holed – clearly no-one was taken responsibility for surfacing this bit of road.
We’re now in a mediocre campsite just a few miles south of Seville. No matter. Tomorrow we will take the bus into the city, so will only be here long enough to sleep, before heading on to Cordoba the following day. Howard is taking a walk whilst I write the blog. There’s no sign of his hat in the van, so no doubt he’s causing a stir with our new neighbours!

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