Day 224 Krakow to Zakopane, Poland.

Style change today as your normal author is poorly with a summer cold. 

This morning we bade farewell to the old historic hotel in Krakow, walking past a portrait of the lady owner from a few years ago on the stairs. We squeezed Oscar out of the bijou car park and entrance to the street. I do think he breaths in and becomes smaller in such situations. 

We found our way out of the city past the university area, Poland’s oldest University that has taken a significant part in the city’s history and culture. Over the occupation many of the professors were interned and tortured for continuing to teach. 

Our journey south towards the Slovenian border was uneventful apart from occasional snores from the passenger seat. As we climbed higher, the scenery changed dramatically, from the flat terrain we have become accustomed to. In the distance we saw the towering Tatras Mountains, and slowly the route became more mountainous, as we entered the alpine region.

The area we are in is a ski centre, with many chairlifts and cable cars, which in the summer caters for walkers and the inevitable dare devil down hill cyclists. 

We have the campsite to ourselves, so found a cool grassy spot for Heather to flop out in. Ill she may be, but she still found the strength to laugh at my attempts to inflate the lazy bag. However she was not the only spectator, and I think I could get regular bookings for an afternoon comedy slot! 

Leaving Heather tucked up in Oscar, I explored the local area, finding a walking route up beside a chairlift to get some fine views of the hills and mountains. I noticed that the drying of the hay was being done by hand, building tall stacks, and not the tractor process with large multicoloured bales we have seen from elsewhere. The wooden houses all have steeply sloping roofs, I imagine to cope with the winter snow.

We are hoping that Heather recovers sufficiently to use the chairlift tomorrow, and is able to return to normal service with the blog! 

Photos courtesy of Heather, until the lazy bag, then over to me. Editorial oversight, of course – Heather!

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