Day 147 Seydisfjordur, Iceland to North Atlantic Ocean.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Seydisfjordur. We occupied our time before catching the ferry taking a walk around the town, and doing a bit of last minute shopping. In one of the craft shops, we bought Howard a jumper. The lady, who had knitted them all herself, seemed intent on Howard buying one three sizes too big. She also seemed to feel that he should go for a manly colour, like grey or black. His attempts to try on more colourful versions were met by a frown from the lady. Eventually, we compromised, and bought him a blue one, with a green pattern. I still suspect he has picked a ladies jumper, but who cares. We then proceeded to have a very leisurely lunch at the local Icelandic restaurant, trying to eek out the time before catching the ferry. It was so warm, we opted to eat outside. Ironically, this was the warmest day that we had experienced in Iceland – the day we were leaving. The food was superb – fresh fish caught locally, with a shared rhubarb crumble to finish. Rhubarb is another of Iceland’s favourite cuisine’s, along with liquorice. We have seen it growing profusely throughout the island – presumably it can tolerate the harsh climate that Iceland has to offer. 

Eventually, it was time to say goodbye to Iceland. We queued up behind other vehicles, but were then placed first in Line 1 to drive onto the ferry – so ended up being put on first. No doubt this will mean that we come off last in Denmark, which is fine by us, since trying to drive out of the ridiculously tight space in which we have been squeezed will be tricky.

This time we have come onto the ferry better prepared than on the outward trip. Not only was the bought food mediocre, it was also exorbitantly expensive. So we have taken on board breakfast cereal, yoghurt, orange juice, and a selection of cheese and biscuits. The ferry is much quieter than the outward trip. Previously, we had a large group of Germans on a Viking Cruise, who had filled the lounge area, and watched films on Iceland and the Faroes in German. So it will be much quieter travelling back.

It was still ‘Happy Hour’ in the bar after we boarded, so Howard and I treated ourselves to a Hendricks, after our tea of cheese and biscuits. My memory is obviously very short-lived. The combination of gin and two Stugeron rendered me unconscious until nine o’clock the next morning – the best sleep I have had in weeks!

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