Day 100 Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Today started rather strangely. I returned from my shower, and as I walked towards the van, I saw that Howard was already back, setting up for breakfast. “How was your shower?”. I innocently asked. “Well, the shower was fine…”, and then there was a pause. “Yes?’” I enquired. “Well, I forgot to take a towel”. ‘Crumbs’, I said, “Then how did you manage?”

“I used my initiative, and improvised!” he announced proudly. “And that would be how?” I retorted.

So – it turns out, he stepped out of the shower cubicle, stark naked, having shaken himself vigorously. Then – wait for it – he dried himself with the hair dryer!

I should at this stage point out, that this shower block is not large. Three toilets, and three showers, entered by a key given to everyone staying on the campsite. Today, that included a couple camping, a couple in another California from Austria, a family from Slovenia in a camper van with a small boy and a toddler, and a German couple. At any point in this drying procedure, any one of these fellow campers could have walked in and seen my husband stark bollock naked, wafting a hair-dryer all over himself! Frankly, it makes the fat German in Cres look positively modest – at least he stayed in his shower cubicle.

As he told me this tale, my eyes watered, and my shoulders shook. I’m not sure if I’m pleased he sorted himself out, or horrified in the manner in which he did it. Save to say, Howard is looking quietly pleased with himself, yet again!

After the bathroom drama, and breakfast completed, we set off on our bike ride. The scenery here in the Triglav National Park is quite spectacular. Everywhere you look in this glacial Bohinj valley you are treated to vistas of the snow clad Julian Alps. The cycle path to the lake left from right by our campsite, and followed the River Bohinj through verdant pastures and tiny little hamlets, with a very Tyrollean feel about them, the six kilometres or so to the head of the lake. All along the paths pretty spring wild flowers were in bloom, and trees along by the water’s edge were only just in blossom. We even passed a herd of goats, with several small kids, whom we had to negotiate our way past on the path.

Once at the lake, we rode alongside to the place where the road joins it, with the inevitable cafes and a small hotel. Up until this point, the bike ride had been peaceful and quiet, with just the sound of the running water and birdsong along the route. At this far end of the lake is an attractive church, and several outlets hiring boats. We stopped at a cafe for coffee, then rode along the other side of the lake until the road stopped.

We then re-traced our steps, stopping for an ice-cream to cool us down in the heat.

It was four o’clock before we got back to the campsite. It had been a brilliant cycle ride, but by the time we returned, the heat was starting to get to me. Howard informs me that we completed fifteen miles, although it felt more. So after packing away the bikes, we are now sat on the cafe veranda next to our campsite, with the most amazing views of the mountains, and with a cold glass of wine in our hands.

Many people quibble as to which lake is more beautiful, Bled or Bohinj. For us, there is no doubt. Bohinj every time. Sure it doesn’t have a picturesque island in the middle, or a castle, but for pure raw nature – this is the one – and thankfully, without all the hoards at Lake Bled. It definitely gets our vote.

We now need to put our heads together, and decide where to tomorrow. Since just now, we are clueless!

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