Days 81 – 82 Dubrovnik to Peljesac Peninsula


So we met Edward at Dubrovnik Airport, and set off to the Peljesac Peninsular. En route, we stopped at a town called Ston, a medieval town renowned for it’s salt production. It’s other claim to fame is it’s 5.5km wall, one of the longest fortifications in Europe, which was constructed in 1333. As the wall stretched up the mountainside, it looked a little like a mini Great Wall of China.
The drive to the Peljesic Peninsular north of Dubrovnik took a couple of hours. We are staying at a wonderful campsite 1km away from Orebic. It sits looking out over the Adriatic Sea, looking towards Korcula Island.
It has been lovely spending some time with Edward, and I’m sure Howard has appreciated the male company. This morning, they both went off for a morning run, although I think Howard is considerably fitter at present, and he was definitely looking the better on their return. Today was the first day of warm sunshine for weeks, and so we had a lovely breakfast outside, then walked into Orebic. After coffee, we caught the ferry over to Korcula Town and took a look around. It is a picture perfect walled city, a bit like a miniature Dubrovnik, famed for being the home of Marco Polo. We found a magnificent restaurant, and had a very leisurely lunch, before taking the ferry back to Korcula.
This whole peninsular is covered in vineyards, and is renowned for it’s excellent wine, grown on the steeply sloping southern facing hillsides. The sea along this part of the coast is the most vibrant turquoise colour, and the light on the water as the sun descends is quite stunning.
I leave you with some images of this coastline, and of Edward’s trip so far.

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